Variety is HOPE FAQ

Q: What is Variety is HOPE?

A: We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of humanitarian and goodwill causes through online fundraising events! For more info, visit our About Us page.

Q: So… you're an actual charity?

A: Yes! Since our incorporation in June 2019, we are officially a public charity that can receive monetary support. On March 12, 2020, we were recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as an exempt organization under section 501(c)3, which means your donations are tax-deductible!

Q: I donated to Variety is HOPE in the past and am unsure: Was that contribution considered tax-deductible as well?

A: Contributions that were made to Variety is HOPE as far back as June 20, 2019 are retroactively tax-deductible, so yes, be sure to claim them! If you need an updated acknowledgment letter for tax purposes, please email with your request and we'll fulfill it as soon as we can.

Q: I live outside of the United States. Would my donation be considered tax-deductible?

A: It depends. The tax laws for individual countries can vary dramatically, and we do recommend that you consult a tax professional and/or do your own research as to whether donations you make to US nonprofits would be tax-deductible for you. Here is one source from a law blog that goes into more detail on the subject.

Q: What does my money go to when I support Variety is HOPE?

A: Your support means so much to us, and we want to be transparent about how we apply that support:

• All funds raised during the month of July by Variety is HOPE will benefit the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. This includes (1) direct donations that are received during the event, (2) Twitch revenue raised through any ads, subscriptions, and bits, and (3) funds contributed by supporting organizations in partnership with Variety is HOPE.

• For all other fundraisers held on the Variety is HOPE channel, the aforementioned will apply during the specified time period for an event as stated on all official Variety is HOPE social media channels, on the Variety is HOPE Twitch channel info panels, and on the donation page for the event itself.

• Finally, unless otherwise specified, all revenue generated from Twitch subscriptions outside of a scheduled month and/or charity event will help to fund (1) the growth of ongoing events such as "Vinesauce is HOPE" and other future events/appearances, as well as (2) any ongoing administrative costs for Variety is HOPE.

As we develop our future events and schedule, we'll be sure to keep everyone updated through our official Twitter account and our Facebook!

Q: Can you elaborate on what "administrative costs" means?

A: Sure! Our costs include our payment processing platform (how donors can contribute directly to Variety is HOPE), accounting services that help us with filing incorporation and tax documents, insurance and legal fees, and web/software licensing.

For the sake of clarity, Variety is HOPE is fully staffed and run by volunteers. The costs above do not include any form of salary or payment to our board of directors, our volunteers, or any of our streamers.

Q: What are some ways that I can donate/support Variety is HOPE?

A: Thank you so much for your interest! You can click here or on the Donate link at the top of the page to directly support Variety is HOPE. You can also support our cause by tipping Bits or subscribing to our Twitch channel. Unless otherwise specified, all monies received from Twitch will be treated as unrestricted funds that go to support Variety is HOPE.

Q: Is supporting Variety is HOPE through your website any different from supporting on Twitch with subs/bits/etc.?

A: Ultimately, yes. Twitch subscriptions and Bits are not tax-deductible, as Twitch also receives payment from this level of support. However, if this is how you feel comfortable supporting us, please do so! We appreciate any help in furthering our cause.

Q: Wouldn't it have been easier and/or cheaper to not incorporate as a nonprofit?

A: That is one way to look at it, but after witnessing 6 years of incredible support from the Vinesauce community and beyond, we saw an opportunity to create a lasting legacy that could thrive for years to come. We want our mission of HOPE to resonate with our viewers in many ways, and to create memorable fundraising events that help to make the world a better place for everyone.

Q: What happened to "Vinesauce is HOPE"? Is that event going away?

A: Not at all. "Vinesauce is HOPE" is simply the name of our flagship event, held annually in July since 2014, that works to support the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. We are the same team that works tirelessly to bring you "Vinesauce is HOPE" each year, and for many more to come.

Q: I really enjoyed "Vinesauce is HOPE". Are you still going to be hosting it?

A: Absolutely. You can expect it to return every year in July, where we will continue to raise money for the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. Read more about our goal-smashing successes on our Events page, and be sure to follow the event’s Twitter account for the latest updates.

Q: Where can I get more information about upcoming events?

A: Check out our Events page with information on our past, present and future events!

Q: Does the channel only go live for pre-planned events?

A: No, we have a schedule of continuous content that showcases an amazing cast of supporting Twitch Affiliates and Partners that serve Variety is HOPE in a volunteer capacity. You can view a live calendar of our upcoming streams on our Home Page!

Q: I want to get involved with Variety is HOPE. How can I help?

A: Thank you for your interest! You can find more information about volunteering with us on our Volunteer page, and as always, follow us on Twitter for updates.

If you are a content creator that loves the idea of fundraising for amazing charitable causes, send us an email at

Q: I have a question that wasn't answered here. Can I contact you about it?

A: Yes! Please visit our Contact page for more information. You can always email any questions or comments you have to